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Breaking News - June 29, 2023

In 2022 the Harbertonford Community Limited (THCL) raised sufficient funds to buy the business of the village shop and post office. Finally we can report that the contracts have been drawn up, scrutinized, agreed and signed.

The Post Office has agreed to the transfer and we are waiting for a date when the handover can be made. A member of staff from the Post Office has to be present to effect the change over to THCL. We expect to be given a date in the next couple of weeks. The business contract and shop lease will be exchanged on the same day and then, Gerry Mulrine will hand over the business to the community and

the shop and post office will be ours!

The process has taken so long to bring to fruition, with many meetings and delays. It has been frustrating for the community, shop staff and the management committee, but at last the end of this protracted stage is very close.

Although some small changes will become immediately apparent once the transfer is complete, we plan to keep the shop running as usual throughout the bedding in of the new management. But gradually, we hope to provide a well -stocked shop, responsive to the needs of the community. And that is just for starters!

Although the three loyal and patient staff members will continue to work there, we will need more helpers to make a success of the venture.

Therefore, there is a meeting for everyone who might be interested to join in as a volunteer, in any capacity, either in the shop or behind the scenes, next Monday 3rd July at 6,15pm in the Harbertonford Football Club, behind the Village Hall.

Our Aims and Objectives

What we will be working to achieve:

Shop and Post Office

Maintain and develop the shop and PO as a community hub, connecting with residents and visitors and supporting our village halls, local clubs and societies.


Provide employment, and continuity for existing staff, and to work with the community to create new jobs, volunteer and training opportunities, and funding for local projects.


Support local traders and suppliers to improve sustainability and reduce ‘food miles’, reduce waste and promote and support environmentally beneficial initiatives.


Support and assist socially isolated and less mobile residents.

Harbertonford circa 1913.

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Community Shop

Bringing the shop and post-office into community ownership.


Supporting the upgrade of the playpark and plant fruit trees.

Road Safety

Working to make the A381 through the village of Harbertonford safer.


For all the help, support and guidance we would like to thank:

Our Parish Councils:
  • Harberton & Harbertonford
  • Ashprington & Tuckenhay
  • Cornworthy
  • Halwell & Moreleigh


Leave a message:

Woodcourt Road, Harbertonford

Phone: 01803 732117

Email: shop @

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Harbertonford Shop circa 1960.

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